Akanksha Education Fund

Create a Fundraising Campaign

Create your own fundraising campaign in support of Akanksha. Invite your friends and family to give as a meaningful way to commemorate a holiday, birthday, or honor a loved one’s memory. You can honor, and celebrate people and events that are important to you by giving back to others. Run a fundraising campaign for Akanksha. Find out how by contacting us at info@akankshafund.org

Examples of past campaigns include

Sawhney Family Scholarship Fund

The Sawhney Family Scholarship Fund was set up by Vinod Sawhney’s children to celebrate his 70th birthday, his many accomplishments, and his legacy of positively influencing so many through medicine, leadership and other contributions to society. Just as Vinod benefited from a full scholarship to attend medical school in New Delhi which put him on a path to success, this scholarship will enable exceptional students across India to pursue higher education.


In October 2019, Akanksha Education Fund participated in ChaloGive, an online giving campaign to provide the Indian diaspora a platform to support the best Indian charities. The campaign raised $5,400.