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Our Impact
Akanksha Foundation alum Pragati Raskar shares her thoughts and reflections from her experience at Bruhan Marathi Mandal convention in San Jose, CA.
Our Impact
Akanksha’s model of community engagement and parent involvement creates an environment where many alumni feel that they want to give back as they continue to succeed in life. In doing so, they continue to break the cycle of generational poverty.
Annual Report
Annual Report 2022-2023
We have had an amazing year at Akanksha. A few highlights: 
• Apple CEO Tim Cook visited an Akanksha school
• An Akanksha school was recognized in the Top 3 in the World's Best School Prizes for Community Collaboration
• Akanksha alumni were invited to the United Nations General Assembly
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About Akanksha Education Fund


To advance better educational outcomes for underserved children in India, by raising awareness and providing supporters in the U.S. with opportunities to make an impact. 

We support initiatives to improve access to high quality education for children from low income communities in India and create pathways out of poverty for them through a transformative education.

Our Approach

  • Provide equitable access to a high-quality education to underserved children from low-income communities
  • Implement a progressive pedagogy with a team of excellent educators
  • Comprehensive support for students from kindergarten through to their first job
  • Share models and best practices to advocate for reform leading to an excellent education for all children
  • Support every child’s socio-emotional well-being and provide skills for lifelong learning and growth
  • Engage parents to support children’s learning and offer programs to address social issues

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Our Alumni


Mrunal Khadke

Focused on Liberal Arts

Mrunal began her journey as a young third grader at KC Thackeray Vidya Niketan School in Pune. A talented dancer and driven student, Mrunal set her eyes on Liberal Arts as the program to pursue for her higher education. Presented with a school opportunity to apply to United World College in Singapore, Mrunal faced the challenge head-on and gained admission with a full scholarship.
After that there was no looking back! Mrunal went on to secure a full-ride at Bennington College, USA for her graduation in Liberal Arts. She studied Japanese, Dance, Geography, Video Making and Visual Arts in her first year at Bennington! She will now be graduating with honors in summer of 2022 which a focus on Environmental Sciences, looking to make a career in the same.


Namrata Khanvilkar

Pursuing Higher Education

Namrata was an exceptional student in her school days at Acharya Vinoba Bhave School in Pune, and is still trail-blazing as an Akanksha Alumni. After graduating from Akanksha she joined a 2 year program at UWC Armenia on a full scholarship. She then gained admission to St. Olaf College in Minnesota, in Sept. 2017, on a full ride scholarship. After graduating she worked as a Consultant at Antara International Non profit, and later at Healthcare Clinic as Patient Services Coordinator. Currently she holds 5 offers for a Masters in Public Health at top universities in the US including George Washington University, DC and Washington University, WA.


Chaitrali Reddy

Empowering through Education 

Chaitrali Reddy deeply believes in holistic education and learning through experiences.After completing her 10th grade at Akanksha’s Acharya Vinoba Bhave Municipal School, Chaitrali joined United World College-Mahindra in Pune. Along with her classmates, she initiated the project Kriya Shivaji, which worked towards empowering women through outdoor and sports education.
Through Kriya, Chaitrali worked on teaching swimming, cycling and fitness coupled with sessions to build self awareness and confidence. Chaitrali is currently studying Psychology and Theatre at Wartburg College, Iowa on a full scholarship for four years!