Akanksha Education Fund

Akanksha Benefit Concert 2019

In April 2019, five high school students in Fairfax, Virginia held a piano benefit concert in Akanksha’s honor and raised close to $5,000! This was a graduation recital for three of the performers. They were keen on making a difference through their music. After researching several non-profits, they decided to support Akanksha. With our assistance, they ran a successful campaign and invited us to speak about our work at the event.

The program was called “Ek Kahani” or “One Story” in Hindi and was framed as an Akanksha student’s journey, beginning with the despair of poverty and ending with hope and success through education. Each episode was interspersed with piano solos — the scores were meant to match the story in tone/mood. Throughout the performance, excerpts from our alumni stories were projected on a screen in the hall. The culminating episode was ours to share: the Akanksha Foundation story from one after-school center to 21 schools and counting.

It was a beautiful evening and everybody left inspired and moved! Even the youngest member of the audience — the piano teacher’s seven-year-old daughter — insisted on doing her part. She auctioned her art work in a small gallery attached to the venue and raised $100!

To arrange a fundraising campaign, contact us at info@akankshafund.org.