Akanksha Education Fund

Building Resilience: A Virtual Gathering


This event has concluded. Click here to read event takeaways and watch the recording

30 Years | 21 Schools | 10,000 Students | 3,500 Alumni

Akanksha’s innovative approach to education has vastly improved learning outcomes for our students. But Akanksha is more than great schools – our holistic approach recognizes that the community is an integral part of a child’s success.

Akanksha is also supporting our students, alumni, teachers and communities through the COVID crisis in India. Our 10,000 students need the community of 200,000 family members, neighbors, friends, teachers, staff, social workers and more to be successful.

Over the past year, Akanksha has been supporting communities cope with unimaginable loss, uncertainty and anxiety caused by the COVID crisis in India. 

We need your support to continue our work, and to safely bring our students back to school. Help build Akanksha and our communities’ resilience by

  • Helping communities get vaccinated against COVID-19
  • Providing tablets to all 10,000 students for remote learning
  • Ensuring students are safe from domestic abuse
  • Providing grief counselling and mental health support

Host Committee

  • Ana and Ankoor Shah
  • Ayesha Jaggi and Dhruv Vatsal
  • Hansika Malkani and Sumit Laddha
  • John and Tawna Farmer
  • Khushpreet Kaur
  • Nymrata and Yunus Bickici
  • Priya Hariani and Gaurav Hariani
  • Sachin Jindal and Sunayna Jain
  • Shreya Kushari
  • Trupti Kalbag
  • Vani Iyer