Akanksha Education Fund

Visit a School

If you are interested in visiting a public-private partnership school in India on your next trip, please contact us. One of our grantees, The Akanksha Foundation, has schools in Mumbai, Pune, and Nagpur, and we encourage our supporters to visit a school to understand the transformative effect a holistic education can have on a child’s life. 

A school visit will show you firsthand the impact your support has on our students’ lives. Visits can include school tours, sitting in on a class or school assembly, meeting with school administration and a visit into the surrounding local community.

To arrange a visit, contact us.

Hear what some of our supporters have said about their school visits:

“When we recently visited the Akanksha School with our family, we were truly impressed with the quality of education that the Akanksha Foundation is providing at their schools. Immediately upon entering the school, we saw happy smiling children actively participating in their educational program, taught by dynamic engaged teachers. It was truly humbling to see how, when given the opportunity, children from all backgrounds can succeed in their education and in life. We congratulate the Akanksha Foundation on their high value delivery of a top notch education to children in need. We are very proud to be supporting this great cause.” 

– Abhay & Karishma Javeri, supporters since 2018

“Many years after my first school visit, and many visits since, I continue to be impressed with the impact Akanksha has within the communities in which it operates, the quality of education it provides and the curiosity, creativity and positive attitude it instills within its students. After each visit I am more energized and optimistic.” 

– Carl and Kirsten Oppenheimer, supporters since 2016

“The energy of the staff and the children at the school filled the classrooms and the hallways. Everybody was busy and no face looked unhappy. The floors and walls were neat and clean. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing! And on meeting the principal, we knew that every class, every child, every activity had been thoughtfully planned and organized! If this is what the Akanksha schools look like, we are so happy to be part of this endeavor!”

– Anjum Khan and Sajjad Ladiawala, supporters since 2017

“As a US based donor, I am kept abreast of the wonderful work that happens at Akanksha but it is always a great bonus to see and speak to the kids in person. The school leader, Prachi Mangaonkar was great in giving my mom and I an overview of the pedagogy within our schools and the philosophy behind our approach. We saw a math class in action too! It was inspiring to see first-hand the great work Akanksha does not only with the kids but their parents and communities.”

– Amir Mirza, supporter since 2015

“During my visit to Akanksha’s D.N Nagar School in Mumbai, I also had a chance to speak with the school social worker, Prashant. Prashant shared some of the challenges the school team had faced over the past two years in serving the low income communities around the school, and spoke of the resilience they witnessed. Especially considering their humble backgrounds and lesser privilege, it was amazing to hear about the high degree of parent involvement and engagement at the school. Like all our Akanksha schools, this school prides itself on student leadership and amplification of student voices. I left the school feeling inspired by our students and educators and looking forward to my next visit.”

– Sejal Desai, Executive Director