Akanksha Education Fund

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About Akanksha Education Fund

Akanksha Education Fund is a publicly supported charity in the U.S that raises awareness and support for education initiatives in India. We bring together supporters to help underserved children, and connect donor passion for giving to high-quality programs in education. Our initiatives also support leadership capacity building, innovation, and expansion.

We strive to provide children from low-income communities with the knowledge, skills, and values so they can lead empowered lives and maximize their potential.

AEF works with donors in the US, and one of the organizations whose programs we have helped fund is The Akanksha Foundation. Akanksha Foundation schools are unique as they are: 

  • Free to attend with a lottery-based admission process to ensure equitable access.
  • Receive 2.1 times the number of applications every year versus the number of seats available.
  • Enroll students in kindergarten and tracks them until the time they graduate college and begin to work.
  • Provide a holistic learning experience that encompasses academic learning using digital tools, socio-emotional wellbeing, and helps every child achieve their full potential.
  • Parent engagement programs that involves the parents as partners in the learning journey of their children.
  • Alumni are often employed at top industries, including banking, finance and accounting, hospitality, IT/telecom, and the NGO sector.