Akanksha Education Fund

Our Impact

In the past year, through our community of more than 3,000 donors in the U.S. Akanksha Education Fund has granted $1.7 million in support of the Akanksha Foundation’s education initiatives. This constitutes 25% of the Akanksha Foundation’s annual budget.

Akanksha Education Fund supporters have enabled grant funding to the Akanksha Foundation promoting education reform, training teachers, facilitating technology for blended learning and providing quality education to economically disadvantaged children in India.

We provided general support as well as funding for Mahalaxmi Mumbai Public School, D.N. Nagar school, support for Akanksha’s alumni, technology for learning and the addition of 6 new schools in Nagpur.

Our support has extended to students’ families and communities with a humanitarian response to the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccination campaigns and socio-emotional support in these difficult times.

Here are some key statistics but behind each statistic is a beautiful inspiring story.

  • 100% of our students complete high school
  • 96% enroll in higher education
  • 74% of our alumni are employed full time
  • Top industries employing our students include banking, finance and accounting, hospitality, IT/telecom, NGO sector
  • 80% of working alumni are continuing higher education – graduate or post-graduate studies
  • 12 students are studying in undergraduate colleges in US on full ride scholarships


Over the next few years, the Akanksha Foundation is gearing up to grow our network of schools from 26 to 35. New opportunities for Akanksha arise as the Indian government works towards improving the quality of education for over 400 million students in the Indian education system. For the first time ever, Akanksha will also work on shaping education policy for over one million government schools in India by sharing our curriculum, leadership training and community engagement models

Accordingly, the Akanksha Education Fund will aim to significantly increase its funding for programs in India over the next two years. We are determined to meet this request, but we will need your help in doing so. Together, we can change lives and help bring a little bit more equality to this world—one student at a time.