The Akanksha Education Fund offers donors in the U.S. a chance to become more deeply involved in our work both through strategy and support through the Aspire Circle. Aspire Circle members participate in strategic conversations with Akanksha’s leadership and receive regular updates on developments at Akanksha. These donors are our most dedicated supporters and advocate for Akanksha with their friends, networks and communities. Over the next three years, the Aspire Circle will help us raise over $2 million for Akanksha. These networks of like-minded investors are vital in building our capacity to give over $6 million in funding for educational initiatives in India over the next three years.

Education has been a major leverage in my life and my goal is to give the same leverage to a few students. Akanksha’s commitment to providing leading-edge education opportunities to underprivileged communities is what drew me to them. Our goals are aligned and I have been very impressed with every point of contact with Akanksha.

Leo Joseph, Private Investor, Aspire Circle member
Aspire Circle members
  • Ana and Ankoor Shah
  • Anitha Srinivasan and Amir Mirza
  • Anonymous donors
  • Anjum Khan and Sajjad Ladiwala
  • Archit Gupta
  • Asmita and Arun Bhatia
  • Bharti Malkani and Vijay Jayant
  • Brande and David Stellings
  • Charuta Joshi and Ramesh Srinivasan
  • Colette and Jawad Haider
  • Fally and Vikram Malkani
  • Kate Shoemaker and Anand Srinivasan
  • Kirtna Pai and Asheet Mehta
  • Lorie and David Broser
  • Medha V Prakash and Milind Mehere
  • Monica and Vishal Sheth
  • Nathalie and Leo Joseph
  • Nymrata Advani and Yunus Bickici
  • Priya and Gaurav Hariani
  • Reena Batra
  • Ruyintan Mehta
  • Sunayna Jain and Sachin Jindal
  • Seema Bhushan and Prashant Ranade
  • Seema Deshpande and Gaurang Shah
  • Sejal and Hemang Desai
  • Setumadhav Kulkarni
  • Shikha and Girish Bhakoo
  • Srividya Prakash and Anirudh Samsi
  • Steadview Capital Management
  • Sunita and Shankar Iyer
  • Tejal and Himanshu Chokshi

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