Akanksha Education Fund

Holiday Fundraiser 2021 at Aicon Gallery, New York

On Dec 1, 2021 we held an intimate holiday celebration for Akanksha’s friends and supporters at Aicon Gallery in New York. It was an evening of inspiration as we gathered friends to share Akanksha’s story, and especially talk about how the pandemic has changed things for our students and educators.

With over 55 people attending, including some of our Board and Aspire Circle members, guests had the opportunity to learn more about our schools. Several members of the Young Professionals network also attendedOne supporter shared about their recent visit to an Akanksha school and how amazing it was to see the students’ intelligence and confidence in classrooms. Sejal Desai, also shared how the pandemic and resulting school closures have caused learning loss in many of our students. Guests also enjoyed viewing some of the art created by Akanksha students on display.