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Akanksha is on the rise.

Our voices are on the rise.

Join the journey and be the change.

Akanksha is excited to announce our End of Year Giving Campaign, “Akanksha on the Rise.” We strive to provide children from low-income communities with the knowledge, skills and values so they can lead empowered lives and maximize their potential. 

Since 2007, Akanksha Schools have educated children from underserved communities in Mumbai, Pune, and Nagpur. Today, Akanksha is one of the largest urban networks of public-private partnership schools of its kind in India, serving 14,000 children across 26 schools, and 5,100 alumni.

Akanksha alumni are finding success in their workplaces and their communities. We are proud to share our numbers around student and alumni successes.

During this campaign, we will share stories from our alumni about what makes Akanksha successful. We will hear from donors about why they choose to support and be involved with Akanksha’s growing network of schools and educational initiatives. We will look into the benefits of Akanksha’s unique approach to education – involving sports competitions, art education, and award-winning community engagement. 

We continue to amplify the voices of our alumni and our partners  to raise awareness as we create pathways out of generational poverty for their students and their families. Funds raised during this campaign will continue to support this mission.

Hear our stories. Join us and be the change.