Akanksha Education Fund

The School Project

Akanksha runs 26 English medium schools in Mumbai and Pune. As the largest network of public-private partnership schools in India, Akanksha
redefines what is possible for students from low-income communities.

We are committed to progressive pedagogy that focuses equally on academic and socio-emotional support. As a result, our students outperform their counterparts in government schools:

Akanksha Schools

  • 100% of Akanksha’s students graduate high school
  • 21 students per teacher
  • 96% of Akanksha alumni pursue higher education

Government Schools

  • Only 42% of children complete primary education
  • 49 students per teacher
  • Only 26% of students nationally enroll in higher education

School Spotlight

The Akanksha Education Fund supports all Akanksha schools through

contributions from donors in the U.S. Below are two such schools.

D.N. Nagar School, Mumbai

The D.N Nagar School, located in the city of Mumbai, India and established as an Akanksha school in 2012 completes a decade of excellence in education in 2022. D.N Nagar enrolls 457 students from nearby communities in Indira Nagar, Kapaswadi and Ganesh Nagar. Students from kindergarten to Grade 10, are supported by a school team of 34 members, including school and teacher leaders, social workers, counselors, administrative and support staff.

The school employs the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education curriculum and has a consistently high rate of student retention across all grades among Akanksha’s network of 26 schools, girl children included. During the pandemic, D.N. Nagar has invested efforts in staying connected with its students, their families, and the larger community and in creating safe spaces.

Join some of our students to take a tour of the school here”

Mahalaxmi Mumbai Public School, Mumbai

In 2012, Mahalaxmi Mumbai Public School began in Mumbai’s Bhulabhai Desai Road area, running classes for Kindergarten students. The school currently runs educational programs for from kindergarten to Grade 6 with a priority on building problem-solving skills, critical thinking and decision-making, and creating opportunities to master these skills. These skills are inculcated across all lesson plans. Learning collaboratively through “think, pair, share” and group work has resulted in effective peer learning.

The school has also partnered with parents to create physical safe spaces for their children in their surroundings. The focus has been on working with the parent-led school management to advocate for the importance of physical safety, equip parents with skills to create safe spaces and to creating a positive and supportive environment for students.

Take a sneak peak into Mahalaxmi school here.

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